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Thinking about buying a piece?

Are you thinking about purchasing a piece of my artwork? Perhaps you're curious about shipping costs. Or perhaps the price isn't right. Or perhaps you're worried about what the painting will look like in your home? Just wanted to offer up a few quick notes, in case you are on the fence:

  • If you're thinking about buying a piece of artwork and have questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can either submit a form on my "Contact" page, or reach out via social media (Twitter, Instagram, FB), or email me at

  • Shipping my work can be expensive, because I paint on wood most of the time. However, sometimes it's also not very expensive, as with small works or works on canvas. The prices of my works do not reflect shipping. I have attempted to price my work accordingly. If you are interested in buying a piece of my work and want to get an idea of shipping costs, please get in touch with me first. I will get as close an estimate as possible of the cost of shipping, and let you know. I will then ask for payment for the item, plus shipping and/or show you the shipping receipt.

  • Your purchase is 100% refundable for up to 30 days from time of receipt (buyer pays shipping and return shipping). Meaning, if you get the work in your home and -- within 30 days -- you decide that you do not like it or it doesn't work in your home, you may return it to me for a full refund, provided I receive it back in the same condition it was sent to you. Again, the buyer pays shipping both ways.

Thanks so much and please NEVER hesitate to get in touch about a piece of art work or if you have any questions!

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