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40 in. x 30 in.

Acrylic, collage, paintstick, graphite; on canvas



Part 3 of my 5-painting series WORK, which I exhibited recently here in Pittsburgh. The title comes from a document in some legal disclosures I received along with my registration for Health Insurance. We get such documents sent to us, thrown at us, all the time. We almost always overlook them. In my art, I try and look into these things...sometimes at random, sometimes systematically. Occasionally, I find a phrase or image that I like such as "Translation Services." 


Much of what we are trying to do in life is translate ourselves into the language of society and the language of the world. We even have to translate our own internal emotions and thoughts into whatever language we speak. Even if that process is automatic, it is still a process. Is there a such thing as a perfect translation? 


This is the first painting in which I used the technique of blocking out or "muting" certain large swaths of the piece with panels of solid color. This is a technique I have been exploring a lot lately, especially in my group show "Chaotic Structures" coming up soon. 


Painting comes ready to hang. Shipping is not included in the price; please contact me if you are interested. The buyer is resposible for additional shipping costs.

Translation Services



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