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About Me

I'm Grant Catton, a visual artist based out of Pittsburgh, Pa. I work mostly in acrylics, collage, and mixed media, and I paint almost exclusively on found surfaces. 


My Style

In my work, I favor bright colors, mixed media, mixed materials, and words; basically, anything and everything at my disposal. If I find a cool looking object on the ground, it's likely to make it into my next collage. I'm just as likely to paint on an Ikea cabinet door or a scrap of wood I found on the curb, as a canvas. I feel that art should come from everyday objects and ideas, what we hear and see around us. And as flooded as we are today by information and images, there is never any shortage of material. 

My Process

There are no mistakes on the canvas.  Whatever goes "awry" or doesn't come out exactly like I want it to can be turned into something else, can be worked with. Art is one place where we are utterly free to do whatever we like, whatever comes into our minds, to make any "mistake" we want to, and roll with it. When I find myself hesitating to do something thing to a painting, that's when I know exactly what I need to do. For me, it is far better to push a painting too far than not far enough. What else are we doing here if not trying to push boundaries and break new ground? 

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