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  • What is the Grant Catton Gallery?
    First off, thanks so much for visiting! The Grant Catton Gallery is a website set up by me -- Grant Catton -- to exhibit and sell original artwork and prints that I have created myself. I make paintings, collages, wall hangings, art objects, greeting cards, and occasionally other stuff. I am proud to exhibit it here for you to peruse and perhaps purchase. Again, I thank you for stopping by!
  • Did you create all the artwork on this site?
    Yes. Unless otherwise noted, all artwork listed for sale on the Grant Catton Gallery has been created by me, Grant. In the future I may list for sale the work of other artists or friends. In that case, I will be as clear as possible as to who is the creator of the work.
  • Where are you based?
    I live and work in Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • Is shipping included in my purchase?
    The short answer is: No, shipping is not included in the prices listed on this website. If you purchase a piece and pay through the website, I will reach out to you separately to invoice you for a shipping fee which I must ask you to pay before the piece can be shipped. If you are concerned about what the shipping cost of a piece will be please contact me first before buying it! I would be glad to provide you with an estimated cost. Why is shipping not included in the price? Because I paint on wood and/or large canvases, shipping can sometimes be very difficult to calculate and even the online shipping calculator imbedded in this website often is very inaccurate. My shipping policy is in place to protect you -- the buyer -- from being overcharged for shipping, and to protect me -- the artist -- from undercharging for shipping. If you have any questions please contact me via this site or any of my social media platforms!
  • Do you do commissions?
    Yes. I am currently open to commissions at this time. Please contact me directly to discuss further.
  • Are prices negotiable?
    In many cases: Yes. If you are interested in purchasing a piece of my work at a price lower than the price listed, I am generally happy to entertain offers. Whether or not we can come to an agreement on a price, I just ask that you approach any negotiation in a friendly and respectful manner.
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