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How I Price my Work

36x36 acrylic on canvas, new work available on
"According to Several Economic Indicators"

Pricing one's work can be a very difficult thing to do. To me, my paintings are like my children. There is almost no way to put an actual "value" on them.

On the other hand...I want people to own my work and, along the way, I would like to get paid for that at an amount that reflects the time and materials I put into the works. After all, art supplies (and even ones own time) are not free. So I must assign a monetary value to any work that I want to sell. do I price my work?

For "catalog" work (meaning non-commissioned artwork) I price my art between 65 and 80 cents per square inch, with a minimum of about $250. For commission work, I charge about $1 per square inch. That is because with commission work, I am setting aside time from other projects specifically to work on that project, and also because -- due to the nature of commissions -- I have to put in extra time, thought, and effort into the piece. Often a lot more.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece of art, and have questions about the price, or shipping, or anything else, please contact me.

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