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36 in. x 36 in.

Acrylic, collage, mixed media, paintstick; on canvas


What is the outlook? Well, it ain't good. But it's all part of the cycle. Bull Markets and Bear Markets come and go. It might not be a great time to be playing the market, but it's always a great time to be an arist or an art appreciator. I worked for nearly 20 years in jobs that served the Financial Markets. It gave me a perspective on the financial and business underpinnings of everything around us. It's like something I can't unsee now, and it often shows up in my work. The main thing I have learned is, to loosely quote The Wolf of Wall Street: "No one -- whether it's Warren Buffett or Jimmy Buffett -- knows what the market is going to do..." But in order to ride out the rough patches -- in life as well -- you need to develop a philosophy that works for you, and that you believe in, and stick to it. For me personally, making art is the way forward. Shipping will be expensive on this one because it's big. If interested, contact me and we can talk it over.

According to Several Economic Indicators



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