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40 in. x 30 in.

Acrylic, collage, paint stick, graphite; on canvas



Part of my five painting series WORK. The inspiration for this painting came from a Far Side comic, in which businessmen are packed into a sardine tin. I always found it comical in relation to what it sometimes felt like to be packed into a subway car on the way to work, or working in a cubicle, etc. Also sardines are a fish I go to for existential inspiration. Sardines live for a fraction of the time humans live. And they spend their short lives almost completely focused on attempting to avoid predators. But are their lives devoid of emotion? I think not. What if in those short lives they feel the complex range of emotions we feel as humans? Only more intensely because they have less time? Furthermore, what are we doing with the time allotted Tonya? No easy answers. Just art

Ready to hang. Buyer pays shipping.

Sardines vs. the World of Work



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